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APA Style

General guidelines for images, figures, and tables reproduced in the text

APA Style has further instructions on how you should work with images, tables and other illustrations in your text, see links below. It is important that you check instructions for the paper you are writing at your university.

You may check Examples in Reference List when you write a reference to an illustration.


Most illustrations are protected by copyright. When you reproduce a table or figure for your work you must obtain permission from the copyright holder. If you use a Creative Commons licensed image, cite according to CC citation rules. The license should be included in the corresponding figure note. If you do not reproduce the image, but you want to refer to it in your text, you should cite the original document according to APA rules. 

Ask for Permission

Below you will find a template that you may use when you ask for permission. We recommend to send the request as a formal e-mail from your Chalmers account. Remember to include how and where your work is going to be published.

Images and figures. examples

Figur 1

Cat sleeping on APA Publication Manual

Note. Cosmos the cat found reference management necessary but boring.

Figure 2

Elvis chillar

Note. From Elvis chillar [Photograph], by Liza Nordfeldt, 2022, Flickr ( CC-BY-NC

Reference list:

Nordfeldt, L. (2022). Elvis chillar [Photograph]. Flickr.

Figure 3

Poverty Rate in the United States, 2017

Note: The map does not include data from Puerto Rico

Figure 4

Infornation Needs of Farmers in Western Sweden

Note. From A comparative study of information-seeking behavior and digital information need of farmers in Turkey, by Soylu et al., 2016, Reprinted with permission.

Reference list:

Soylu, D., Cevher, N., Schirone, M., & Medeni. T. (2016). A comparative study of information-seeking behavior and digital information need of farmers in Turkey. International Journal of eBusiness and eGovernment Studies, 8(2).

Table, example

Table 1

Mendeley user status aggregated into sector and user types undefined

* For Students (Bachelor), students (Master), and students (Postgraduate)

** For researcher at non-academic institution

*** For lecturers and senior lecturers