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Swedish Copyright Law

As a student, teacher or researcher you have to know how to use and reuse materials produced by others as well as what rights you have to the materials you produce yourself. Swedish Copyright Act (SFS 1960:729) protects texts, images, photographs, and computer programs, among other things. To be protected, a work needs to be an original expression. Copyright protection is automatic once the work is made public and it usually lasts the lifetime of the creator plus an additional 70 years. Swedish Copyright law is comprised of two exclusive rights: the intellectual (moral) right which means that the creator has the right to be acknowledged when their work is used and the economic right which can be contractually transferred to, for instance a publishing house.

Right to Quote

The right to quote others is an exemption in Swedish Copyright law and you are allowed to do so as long as you include a proper reference and avoid plagiarism. Right to quote does not include images and illustrations as they are considered to be independent works.

Bonus Copyright Access Agreement

Bonus Copyright is an association that acts as a facilitator between right holders and users in Sweden. Chalmers is a paying member, meaning teachers and students at Chalmers are allowed to copy and share materials as long as the Bonus Copyright Access Agreement applies.

Chalmers Library Licenses

Library Licenses supersede Bonus Copyright Access Agreement and regulate how you can use material, allowing you to share more freely. Chalmers subscribes to more than 180 e-platforms​ which can be found in the Chalmers Library Database List.

Terms for the e-platforms are regulated by individual publishing houses and vary. To find the specific Terms of Use for an e-platform, go to Chalmers Library Database List, search for the e-platform, click on "More info" and click on "Terms of Use (downloads, printouts for this database)". You can read more about how to use library resources in the Chalmers Library Terms of Use.