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What can I use as a student?

Online material
  • Chalmers Library manages several license agreements for e-books. Individual publishers and titles may have different allowances when it comes to copying and printing. 
  • Most often you may download and print articles from e-journals Chalmers Library subscribes to. You can share them with other Chalmers students and employees, for example by e-mail or via Canvas. 
  • You are not allowed to systematically copy or download e-publications, use them for commercial purposes, distribute them outside of Chalmers, republish or change their contents.
  • You can read more about Chalmers Library Licenses

Printed material
  • You may copy and share printed material in accordance with a 15/15 rule (Bonus Copyright Access Agreement): you may copy, download and distribute 15 pages, but not more than 15% of the total number of pages. You can upload them to Canvas or share with other Chalmers students or employees. You are not allowed to distribute them outside of Chalmers.

What should I think about when I write my thesis?

If you want to include an image (figure, graph, table, map, etc.) in your paper keep in mind that it is most probably protected by copyright. We recommend that you always ask the copyright holder for permission. If you want to use an image you found online, the easiest way is to contact the copyright holder directly. If you found something in course literature, get in contact with the publisher: Copyright Clearance Center can be used for international publishers (see Ask for Permission below). When you cannot get a hold of the copyright owner or when you are uncertain whether you can use the image, we suggest that you find an alternative instead.

However, you can also find online materials that can be reused without asking for permission, including images.

Video: Respect Copyright (4:08)

Video: Images in Your Thesis (2:39)

Ask for Permission

Below you will find a template that you may use when you ask for permission. We recommend to send the request as a formal e-mail from your Chalmers account. Remember to include how and where your work is going to be published.

Who owns copyright to my paper?

As a student at Chalmers you always own copyright to your paper. If you are writing a thesis, more information can be found on the Student Portal: Intellectual property, patents and confidentiality.